Highland Hospitality

Brora Rangers extend the Highland Hospitality Code

There is a tradition, a code, which stretches back through the pre Jacobite Rebellion years. One of those codes of honour which allowed the Clan system to survive for hundreds of years. Highland Hospitality.

Whilst the Clan system was obliterated following the ‘45, some traditions die hard … fortunately.

Highland Hospitality demanded that anyone seeking shelter and food would not be denied … whether they were a fellow clansman, a stranger, or even a member of a feuding clan.

Sutherland, of all the areas of the Highlands, can lay claim to some of the worst atrocities of the death knell of the old ways of life. You can point the finger of blame at the new land owners, or you can question the motives of those Clan Chiefs who abandoned their responsibility for the desire of wealth, either way, traditions were lost, lifestyles changed.

But Sutherland isn’t alone in holding onto some of the finer traditions … it’s part of what makes The Scottish Highland Football League one of the most entertaining and friendly football leagues to be involved in.

Highland Hospitality demands we provide shelter and food to friend and foe alike. This Saturday, every member of The Highland League is our friend, all day. Next Saturday, even Nairn County will be our friends … just not between 3pm and 4:45pm.

This Saturday we look forward to making new friends with all those travelling up from deepest, darkest Ayrshire.

Between 3pm and 4:45pm the fine folk of Girvan are, without any doubt, a feuding clan. (please note, there will be a 15 minute break in hostilities for refreshments at around 3:45pm)

What has this got to do with a game of football?

Highland Hospitality.

Brora Rangers extend the Highland Hospitality Code

Book a seat at our Match Day Hospitality before Saturday, and you’re welcomed as a friend. Book a couple of seats for yourself and a friend, and you get a reduced rate of £50 each.

You can get a hold of Russell here, or Dennis here for further information or to book your seats.

A quick look through our Brora Rangers Supporters Facebook Page shows a fair smattering of Sutherlands, Mackays, Gunns, Macleods and Macdonalds. Little feuding to be had there … come along friends, you’re all welcome.

We’ve a few Stewarts (Andy and Mary, we’re looking firmly at you … sounds suspiciously like a more Ayrshire name?), and there are other less than Sutherland friendly sounding names in there … however, kent faces, the £50 deal is there for the taking, you’re all fellow Cattachs.

For those planning the trip from south of the Highland Line, as far as we’re concerned we are all part of the same football clan … welcome friends.

Obviously hostilities begin at the first blow of the referees whistle, stop for the aforementioned armistice, in a mirror image of a First World War Christmas game of footy, recommence when the players take the pitch, only for an end to warfare to be called yet again when play finishes. Either way, the Highland Hospitality Code prevails … a pre match drink and 2 course lunch, half time banter, and a post match drink to declare peace. Uncle Dugga will serve plenty more peace sealing beverages after the game in ‘The Clubby’ to ensure a lasting Entente Cordiale is reached between our Clubs.

We know how to entertain Ayrshire lads, just ask this man …

Brora Rangers extend the Highland Hospitality Code

We stole him away from Rugby Park a few seasons ago and now he only wears red on a Saturday afternoon.

‘Outstanding Moments, Unforgettable Memories’ here we come!


Published on Tuesday September 19, 2017

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