Dugga's Millions

The Cattachs weekly Lotto has a Jackpot of over £7000 waiting to be won.

We are assuming everyone is familiar with the storyline of Brewster’s Millions, with Monty Brewster being challenged to spend $30 million within 30 days. We are beginning to feel our Lotto Jackpot is turning into a similar headache.

Perhaps we’ve just been thinking too big. Perhaps it’s not about finding one big thing to spend the Jackpot on.

The Brora Rangers Supporters Club Facebook Page currently has 767 members. We could stretch to a gift for every one of them to the value of £9.50. Given the prices Dugga currently charges at the Social Club bar, that’s probably more than enough drinks for everyone than a socially responsible Club such as ourselves, with our focus on healthy, sporting lifestyles, would be comfortable spending our winnings on.

However, Facebook, and indeed the online world, has a habit of inflating one’s ego with the amount of interested followers. Our 4389 Twitter followers would probably have to settle for one of Sheena’s half time Bovrils.

If we were to share our winnings amongst those who turn up to most home games, £7,000.00 would almost provide Match Day Hospitality for all of our most ardent of followers … though fitting them all in to the Executive Suite on the same afternoon would present Russell and Dennis with yet another challenge.

You can appreciate our problem here, it appears we find it harder to spend this as yet un-won Jackpot with our as yet un-purchased Lotto ticket than we ever expected.

Of course, there are those £2,750.00 bottles of 1974 Brora just begging to be bought. We are confident that our website editor and Chairman would happily blow the winnings on a couple of these and barely consider sharing.

All the more reason to Get Your Game On and win the Jackpot before they do. There really has to be a more deserving cause for the Cattachs Lotto.

Published on Tuesday October 31, 2017

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