The members of Brora Rangers Improvement Trust get their first project underway

As our new manager prepares for the season ahead, our supporter led Brora Rangers Improvement Trust have broken the turf on their first self funded project.

The fine folk of the Brora Rangers Improvement Trust have organised themselves into a group who state:

The aim of BRIT is to stimulate and help fund ground improvements at Brora Rangers FC.

Thanks to their fund raising and hands on work, they are about to realise that aim.

Their first project is to address the issue of spilt coffee, sky bound pies and the general health and safety of those who join the queue at the pie hut.

Whilst the half-time warm up for our subs is the riskiest time to be loitering behind the goal, the danger of stray balls heading towards the Social Club end of Dudgeon Park has been apparent to many who have been on the wrong end of an errant shot.

Likewise, stray balls at the school end can cause frustration and wasted time.

Thanks to the commitment of the BRIT members, work has now started on erecting nets behind both ends of the pitch.

This is a fantastic first project for the members of the supporters group. Not only will it greatly improve the match day experience of those visiting our home ground, but we can only assume it will raise the profile of the Improvement Trust and encourage more supporters of our Club to get involved.

Interested? Drop them an email here for more information.

Published on Tuesday May 15, 2018

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