Disco night

Let's not beat about the Kate Bush, this is the night you don't want to miss

It matters little where your interests lie, the 19th May 2018 has already been filling your news feeds for a while now.

If the Royal Wedding isn’t up your street, that’s OK. If the FA Cup does little to stir the blood, no bother. At least it is Scottish Cup Day.

Little interest in the fortunes of the respective teams since Kilmarnock halted our most successful Scottish Cup run ever? Or just looking to finish off the day once the wedding fever is over and Kevin Clancy blows the final whistle?

Fear not … for we have the answer.

It is disco time …

Ronnie and Donnie are getting a break from their usual slot of entertaining the village (we guess they were just too young to remember that decade) and the Brora Rangers Youth Initiative have organised an 80s Disco at Dudgeon Park.

Move seamlessly from Meghan to Madonna, leave The Queen for the Queen, swap Chelsea for Culture Club or Utd for U2, or just follow up the clash between Celtic and Motherwell with The Clash.

It’s a Saturday night, whatever your tastes, the afternoon will have done it’s best to entertain you. Now it’s time to get the big shoulder pads and even bigger hair sorted.*

For the £5 entry you can be guaranteed a top night out with all your 80s favourites.

There has been much going on behind the scenes at Brora Rangers, and our Youth Development has quietly gone about it’s business working with youngsters around Sutherland to both identify the future footballers for Brora stardom … and this includes the ladies … and help to empower our young folk outside of football too.

Fund raising is vital for this work … a Saturday night out is vital for your social life.** It’s a plan with no drawbacks.

As we often say … See you there

*Big hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers etc optional

** Whilst a night out can only enhance your social life, we take no reponsibilty for Sunday morning

Published on Thursday May 17, 2018

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